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ADR Order Block Finder Forex Indicator MT4 Download

A straightforward MT4 indicator about the advance to decline order ratio is the ADR Order Block Finder Indicator. The conventional ADR indicator calculates an average distance by comparing the orders from the prior day to the orders from the current day. The average difference between the highest and lowest prices for a given time period is determined by the indicator. In the short term, the indicator usually signals a significant change in price action.

It displays the difference between the bullish and bearish lines using two lines, one blue and one red. For traders to use effectively, the indicator performs best on shorter timescales, such as 30 minutes or 1 hour.

ADR Order Block Finder Indicator BUY/SELL signals

The indicator is displayed on the USD/CHF H1 chart above. BUY and SELL indications are not mentioned explicitly by the indicator. Rather, it provides the separation between the bearish and bullish movements. Traders might search for the ADR START to identify entry points. There is an upswing and traders might enter long positions if the bullish lines continue to rise.

Conversely, if there are more bearish lines, there is a downturn and traders should take short bets. In addition to this indication, traders must use other indicators such as the RSI or MACD to determine the buy and sell signals.

No Minimum Deposit

ECN Acount

No Commission

Min Deposit of 20$
Allow USA Traders
Levergae up to 1:500

In summary
The average distance between the previous and current days is displayed by the ADR Order Block Finder Indicator. An trader can enter both long and short positions by comparing the two values. Additionally, the Indicator is available for download on our website.



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