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Advanced Scalper Forex EA

Trading in the Forex market can be difficult, particularly for those who are unfamiliar with the market or who lack the expertise necessary to make wise judgments. For forex traders hoping to profit from breakout chances in the currency market, the Advanced Scalper Forex EA is a potent instrument. With the help of this expert guide, forex traders can profit from transient market swings by trading prices from relative highs and lows.

The fact that this EA does not use grid or martingale functionalities, which can be harmful for traders, is one of its key characteristics. Instead, it uses entry-stop orders to ensure that trades are executed as rapidly as possible and that traders can enter deals at the best price. By ensuring that traders may place deals at the ideal time and price, this feature can reduce the likelihood that they will lose money.

The EURUSD and USDJPY currency pairings in the H1 period are ideal for the Advanced Scalper Forex EA to operate on. at order to profit from short-term market changes, traders can utilize the EA to trade these currency pairings at a timeframe of one hour.

Additionally, the EA has a built-in money management function that needs at least 200 currency units. This implies that traders can employ the EA with a modest account size and yet be able to profit from market breakout possibilities.

Overall, the Advanced Scalper Forex EA is an effective tool for traders hoping to profit on market breakouts. The EA is a fantastic choice for traders of all levels wanting to profit from transient market moves because of its scalping approach, entry-stop orders, and built-in money management tool.

Advanced Scalper Forex EA Settings

Buy Trades: Enables the execution of buy orders by the EA.

Sell Trades: Gives the EA the option to carry out sell orders.

Determines the duration of the candle that is utilized to calculate its high and low points.

BarsN: Modifies the high and low algorithm’s sensitivity, with smaller values producing more highs and lows and bigger values producing fewer.

Order Puffer Points: Calculates how far orders are from the high and low.

Calculating the lot size for each trade is based on trading volume.

If the fixed trading volume mode is chosen, the lot size for each trade is known as fixed lots.

Risk proportion of Balance: Lot size is determined so that if the initial stop-loss is triggered, a specific proportion of the account balance is lost.

TP Points: The distance between the take-profit price and the entry order price.

SL Points: The distance between the stop-loss price and the entry order price.

TSL Trigger Points: When a trade earns more money than the TSL Trigger Points, the trailing stop is activated.

Trailing stop will be set lower than the current market price, earning TSL Points.

TSL Step Points: Only if the current stop-loss is at least this distance above the previous stop-loss will it be changed.

Time Filter: A time filter that is verified before new orders are placed can be enabled or disabled.

Start Hour: The time at which the trading window opens.

Start Minute: The first minute of the trading period that is permitted.

End Hour: The time at which the trading window closes.

End Minute: The minute that the trading period is over.

When an inevitable decline is reached, a mechanism that automatically closes all trades is activated or deactivated by drawdown monitoring.

Max Daily Drawdown%: If equity or balance is this percentage below the day’s starting balance, drawdown tracking is activated.

Order Comment: The EA adds a comment to each order that is placed.

Magic Number: A special number used to distinguish the deals made by an EA.

Enables or disables a comment in the top left corner of the chart.


  • This free forex EA should be run 24/5 on a VPS (Reliable and Trusted FOREX VPS – FXVM). 
  • low spread ECN account is also advised (Find the Perfect Broker For You Here).

No Minimum Deposit

ECN Acount

No Commission

Min Deposit of 20$
Allow USA Traders
Levergae up to 1:500



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