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Assar Phoenix Infinity EA

The Forex Assar EA Developer created the completely automated Expert Advisor known as Assar Phoenix Infinity Robot for MT4. The Assar Phoenix Elite Robot and other early entry and early exit issues are resolved in this particular version of the series. It has updated pending orders and volatility filters.

The updated version is very similar to the developer’s other Elite Robot dubbed Hedged Infused Assar Phoenix. Complete hedging methods are possible. The only distinction is that the hedged-infused APE does not primarily employ exit signals for profit-taking. It employs the basket profit approach. It will make a profit at the predetermined number of dollars or pip input. You can utilize the new APE in conjunction with a separate trade management EA I have now that accomplishes this. However, this EA offers full hedging capabilities and exit signals.

At each indication you receive pointing in the trend’s direction, a pending trade will already be open. The amount of trades you want to permit to open at once can be set. It permits up to 1000 trades by default. If you feel the risk is too great. Reduce the number of deals permitted or trade fewer pairs. You’ll have less risk overall as a result. Or simply deposit extra money into your account.

To execute your order, the market must move toward it. Consequently, the market will have dramatically changed in your favor. The price is 20 pip away from your open order inputs. They are automatically programmed to trade 20 pip away from the price at the *.20 price level. The new Phoenix will place the pending order at the following 20 levels if the price is ten pip away from the next *.20 level.

The older APE version had a difficulty with this. The orders would be set much too close to the price. Thus, this has been changed. In addition to getting in at important price levels for higher accuracy based on supply/demand laws, this will provide you a significant amount of space between your order and the price to get entrance.

So what is this Holy Grail Indicator

What distinguishes the HGI Indicator from all the other products and concepts on the market? HGI actually emits four different signal kinds.

HGI offers five trading strategies to accommodate various market circumstances.

Trend trading

TMA employs big arrows to show that it has detected the market entering a strong trend. Large red arrows for downtrends, and large green arrows for uptrends.

Breakout or trend re-entry trading – RAD trading

The little diagonal red (sell) and green (buy) arrows denote these trades. This could be the breakthrough after the market has ranged for some time, or it could be the continuation of the prior trend following a halt.

Multi-level Trend and RAD trades.

These are quite lucrative. For instance, APE sends a Trend purchase. Additionally, he sends buy-stop pending transactions on each of the 20 levels (118.2, 118.4, 118.6, etc.). There is a 10-pip overlap between each transaction because each has a 30-pip take profit, but there are only ever two multi-level trades open at once.

Wavy line trading

Sending pending trades as soon as a blue wavy line emerges at each of the 20 levels constitutes multi-level trading. When the market is above the line, APE sends pending buy trades, and when it is below, sell trades. You might choose to make the initial trade a pending one or an immediate market deal.

Combined Trend and Wavy line trading

The strongest signals are those in this mix. Consider having a big green arrow and several low, wavy blue lines at the same time. That is trading using both a trend and a wave.

Four other trade management tools were also supplied. These are the top trade managers for the developer. You can hide your trailing stops and take profits with the use of a time filter, an equity target manager, an equity percentage target manager, and an individual trade manager.

  • Filter Assar Auto Trading Time
  • Target Assar Elite Equity
  • Target for Assar Equity Percentage
  • Individual Trade Manager at Assar (with disguised trailing)


  • Standard accounts require a minimum balance of $100. (It might even function with smaller accounts.)
  • Best Results with Major Currency Pairs. (Apply to any pair of currencies)
  • Simply work on H1 and H4.
  • Serial Key: 36b106da-b8b3-a56d-9a3f-ef1743a1bdbc

No Minimum Deposit

ECN Acount

No Commission

Min Deposit of 20$
Allow USA Traders
Levergae up to 1:500



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