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Risk Calculator Indicator mt4 mt5 Download

The Risk Calculator MetaTrader indicator for forex determines the risk as the greatest possible loss that could result from open positions and active, pending market orders. The findings are displayed in a separate MT4 chart window along with the dollar amount and percentage risk for each currency pair. By turning on or off spreads, swaps, and commission computations, you may also control how the Risk Calculator indicator functions. The specifications for the visual display settings can also be adjusted. It can also determine the highest possible payout. Additionally, you can determine risk/reward for both open positions and pending orders individually. Both the forex MT4 and MT5 platforms support the currency indicator.This forex indicator will calculate the correct risk values even in very complex situations involving market-hedged trades, pending orders with intersecting stop-loss(SL) and take-profit levels, and even forex MT5’s unique stop-limit orders, in contrast to the risk calculation procedure implemented as the module of the indicator Position Sizer. The algorithm uses various heuristic strategies to speed up the process of a brute force maximum loss search. As a result, forex traders who place an average number of orders (up to roughly 20) will receive quick computation results. Even yet, if the quantity of deals rises, the pace at which trades are executed will become unacceptable. However, when working with a complicated portfolio of orders, the Risk Calculator indication is a useful tool for determining the exposure to the worst-case situation.


  • CalculateSpreads (primary default = true) – if true, the maximum possible loss will include any spread-related potential losses.
  • In the event that CalculateSwaps (primary default = false) returns true, accrued swaps will be included in the maximum possible loss.
  • Your broker’s commission per lot levied in mt4 account currency is represented by CommissionPerLot (primary default = 0). Do not round-turn; instead, enter the price value charged for one side of the entry trade.
  • UseEquityInsteadOfBalance (primary default = false) – if true, calculations will substitute account equity for balance.
  • If true, the major default setting for SeparatePendingOpenCalculation will separate the risk and reward calculations for open trades and pending orders.

No Minimum Deposit

ECN Acount

No Commission

Min Deposit of 20$
Allow USA Traders
Levergae up to 1:500

Example of multiple markets pending orders and one position (limited loss risk)

Example of unprotected buy entry position (nearly unlimited loss risk)

Example of unprotected sell entry position (unlimited loss risk)

Example of reward calculation

Example of separate calculation for positions and market pending orders

The Forex Risk Calculator has some restrictions, limitations, and the potential for mistakes even though it was created, tested, and built to function in a variety of situations. The known faults with this forex indicator are listed simply below:

  • The results of the risk calculation may be incorrect because of unpredictably fluctuating conversion rates when the mt4 account currency and the quotation currency of the mt4 pair are different. The actual risk may also rely on the future rate of the USD/JPY pair, for instance, if your MT4 account is in JPY and you are trading the EUR/USD pair. There will be no attempt to predict it via the Risk Calculator indication.
  • The forex indicator may become overly slow in its computation or perhaps cease to work if a trader places an excessive number of pending orders with stop-loss (SL) and take-profit (TP) levels.
  • The calculations will be incorrect if your forex broker offers changeable spreads because the indicator assumes constant spreads on each tick.
  • The indicator does not take into account the execution of pending orders with price slippage.
  • The correlation between different currency pairs is not taken into account by the forex indicator. Each trading instrument’s risk value is computed separately. The forex indicator will determine the risk of each open position separately, for instance, if you buy the EUR/USD pair and sell the GBP/USD pair as a hedge.
  • The triangular arbitrage and other types of arbitrage involving several currency pairs are not taken into account by the forex indicator. For instance, if you want to go long the EUR/USD pair, long the USD/JPY pair, and short the EUR/JPY pair, the Risk Calculator will regard those positions as three independent trades with risks.
  • The lack of margin for order execution is disregarded by the FX indicator. The Risk Calculator indicator will still take into consideration the chance of that order being executed if you create a pending order that requires more free margin than your trading account can give.



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