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The MoneTree EA

An expert advisor called MoneTree EA was created to assist traders in automating their FX trading. Hedging-martingale and high-frequency trading (HFT) averaging strategies are two of the trading tactics this EA employs. By utilizing market volatility and swiftly entering and closing bets, these methods seek to maximize gains and reduce risks.

The Monetree_BUY and Monetree_SELL files contain the EA. As a result, you will open two EURUSD charts: one for the BUY EA and one for the SELL EA.

The risk exposure is determined by the timeframe you give the EA.

  • The risk exposure increases with decreasing period.
  • The risk exposure decreases as the timeframe is increased.

Therefore, the profit increases as risk exposure increases and decreases, and vice versa. Low-risk exposure is the best choice.
The account’s steady growth keeps you safe and prevents frightening drawdowns.

The trading strategy used by MoneTree EA combines martingale and hedging techniques. This approach has led to this EA’s strong ROI (Return on Investment) and reasonably decent stability. But occasionally it can get a little hazardous. Your lot size and risk value will determine how much profit you can expect to generate each month.

It appears that for MoneTree EA’s hedging technique to be successful, two instances of the EA must be running simultaneously in two different charts. Running just one instance of the EA on a single chart may not produce good hedging and may even result in huge losses that could completely deplete your account.

This is most likely due to the EA’s hedging approach, which entails starting two or more positions in opposing directions. The MoneTree EA can open opposing positions in each chart by running two instances of the EA concurrently on two different charts. This hedge can help to reduce risk.

Running only one instance of the EA would prevent it from opening opposing positions in different charts, which would make the hedging technique ineffective and perhaps result in substantial losses.


  • For this EA to operate safely, your accounts must have a minimum balance of $100.
  • Start a XAUUSD conversation. Open the timeframe appropriate for the amount of your account, as specified earlier. “Monetree_BUY” should be attached to the chart.
  • Open a new XAUUSD chat window. For the size of your account, open the same timeframe. “Monetree_SELL” should be attached to the chart.
  • The developer’s suggested timeframe is M1, however I suggest H1. (Assemble any TimeFrame)
  • You need to run two instances of the EA simultaneously in two different charts in order to use the hedging approach of this EA properly. As the method involves opening opposite positions in different charts, running just one instance in a single chart could lead to ineffective hedging and large losses.
  • This EA won’t be precise in backtesting as a result.
  • This free forex EA should be run 24/5 on a VPS (Reliable and Trusted FOREX VPS – FXVM). 
  • low spread ECN account is also advised (Find the Perfect Broker For You Here).

No Minimum Deposit

ECN Acount

No Commission

Min Deposit of 20$
Allow USA Traders
Levergae up to 1:500



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