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Zup Harmonic Forex Indicator For MT4 Download

One of the most useful and sophisticated forex indicators for spotting all crucial forex harmonic patterns is the Zup Harmonic indicator. This forex indicator is special in that it took over ten years to build. It was created by programmers and seasoned forex traders to be reliable and effective.

It has been released in numerous variations since it was created approximately ten years ago. The updated versions significantly improved on the earlier iterations.

Working of indicator:

When a legitimate chart pattern is discovered, the Zup indicator notifies you right away. It can recognize all of the harmonic forex patterns listed below.

  • Bearish AB=CD
  • Bullish AB=CD
  • Bullish Gartley
  • Bearish Retracement
  • Bullish Extension
  • Bullish Retracement
  • Bearish Extension
  • 3 Drive Top
  • 3 Drive Bottom
  • Butterfly Top
  • Butterfly BottomBearish Gartley

Additionally, it can show time zones, fans, and forex Fibonacci levels.

Since it takes effort to uncover reliable forex harmonic patterns, using this indicator can save a ton of time. But this indicator is capable of doing it on its own.

Indicator Settings:

The settings for Zup indicator are as follows.

Trading Strategy:

There are several harmonic patterns, as we are all aware, and each has a certain trading approach. This indicator can be used in trading methods by both experienced and novice traders. After observing the patterns emerge on the charts in real time, novice traders can also pick up a lot of fresh information regarding harmonic patterns. Its versatility is also commendable because it may be applied to any currency pair at any time.

No Minimum Deposit

ECN Acount

No Commission

Min Deposit of 20$
Allow USA Traders
Levergae up to 1:500


The Zup indicator is a great resource for chart analysis and discovering all potential harmonic patterns. But sometimes, especially for novice traders, more information might result in more exact conclusions. We will therefore always advise you to choose a single harmonic pattern and thoroughly research it using a variety of sources. You should go on to the next harmonic pattern once you have a firm grasp of the ideas behind the first one. You can only be sure you are learning and practicing in that way.



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