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Breakout Master MT4MT5 EA Download

Working on MT4 and MT5, the Breakout Master EA is a fully automated breakout trading robot. RoyalPrinceTrading created This MT5 EA features a comprehensive blend of tried-and-true strategies combined with cutting-edge tactics to increase income. These strategies include breakout trading, dynamic lot sizing, and loss recovery mechanisms. Let’s examine its fundamental parts.

Breakout Trading

For many traders, breakout trading is still a key tactic. The fundamental idea is to profit from price changes whenever they cross important thresholds or levels.

  • Finding the Breakouts: The Breakout EA uses the BullBreakout and BearBreakout functions to identify bullish and bearish breakouts, respectively.
  • Ensure Genuine Breakouts: Not all price movements that breach a critical level constitute a true breakout. The AbnormalCandle function is used by the EA to distinguish between real and fake breakouts.

Dynamic Lot Sizing

Dynamic lot sizing ensures that your trades are adjusted based on your account’s capital and risk level.

  • The Calculation Behind: The EA’s main function for this is CalcLotWithTP(). This function sits at the heart of the EA, determining the trade volume required to meet the profit objectives. It seamlessly melds the take profit, start, and end prices, resulting in a lot size that is both dynamic and tailored to individual risk appetites.
  • Adaptability: By considering the tick value of the symbol and the specified take profit, the Breakout Master dynamically tailors the lot size to the prevailing market conditions.

Loss Recovery

The standout feature of this EA is arguably its robust loss recovery mechanism.

  • Initiating Recovery: When a trade’s profit dips below the pre-defined stop loss or surpasses the take profit, the EA kickstarts its loss recovery phase.
  • Adaptive Modifications: During this phase, trading parameters are adjusted to recoup from any losses incurred.

Money Management

The Breakout Master EA modifies its lot sizing based on the TakeProfPoints and TP_Points_Multiplier values, incorporating the ideas of the divisive Martingale method, notably during the recovery period.

Despite the popularity and potential for profit of Martingale techniques, traders must be aware of the hazards involved. A lot of backtesting of the EA is necessary. Regular monitoring and responsible risk management are essential when trading live because of the inherent hazards associated with Martingale money management.


  • Minimum Account Balance of 1000$ or equivalent cent account.
  • Work Best on EURUSD and USDJPY. (Work on any pair)
  • It works best on H1. Also, it trades much more frequently on lower timeframes. Giving you higher gain with higher risks. (Work on all TimeFrames)
  • Some experimentation with different Capital, Currency pairs, and TimeFrames is recommended.
  • For best performance, Breakout Master EA should be online 24 hours. Recommend using a VPS (Reliable and Trusted FOREX VPS – FXVM)
  • Low Spread ECN account is also recommended 

No Minimum Deposit

ECN Acount

No Commission

Min Deposit of 20$
Allow USA Traders
Levergae up to 1:500



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