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Mean Reversion Trading EA Download [Update]

A mean-reversion trading system called Reversion Trading EA was developed for the hectic American trading period. The Mean Reversion Trading EA is specifically designed for cross pairs recognized for their strong mean-reverting tendencies, in contrast to many scalping systems currently on the market. This guarantees high-profit goals while maximizing the ratio of reward to risk.

It is open from 19:00 to 23:00, with no trading taking place from 0:00 to 1:00 during rollover periods. It falls under the standard scalping category in terms of trade durations, with trades lasting little more than a few hours.

Algorithms are used by this EA to identify market entrance and exit points. It does not use grid or martingale strategies, in contrast to some systems. Every trade is carried out using market orders, with a set stop loss.

Mean Reversion in Forex Trading

According to the financial theory of mean reversion, historical returns and asset prices will eventually return to the long-run mean or average level of the entire dataset. To put it another way, if the price of a stock or currency pair rises sufficiently, it will inevitably decline, and vice versa. This idea is based on the conviction that, while markets may temporarily overreact to news, events, or mood, they will eventually revert to their underlying worth.

The theory translates into the idea that major currency pairings are likely to oscillate around particular equilibrium levels or averages throughout time in the context of forex trading. A pair is expected to return to its average when it deviates too far from it, providing traders with possible profit possibilities.


The following are the notable features of the Mean Reversion Robot:

  • Single Chart Setup: The system allows trading multi-currency from a singular chart setup.
  • Trading Times: It refrains from initiating trades during periods of potentially low liquidity, notably the bank rollover timings of 0:00-1:00.
  • Filters and Detection Mechanisms:
    • Advanced News Filter: This is designed to keep track of market news.
    • Stock Market Crash Filter: Intended to recognize significant market downturns.
    • Auto GMT Detection: Automates the adjustment based on the trader’s time zone.
    • Negative Swap Filter: Aims to avoid trades with potential negative interest charges.

Advice for the Reversion Trading EA

  • Minimum account balance of 100$ (It can even work with 50$).
  • This EA is one chart setup, so it’s only needed to attach on one pair. It will trade on all pairs described on the input parameter.
  • EURUSD is recommended, and If your broker uses a suffix (e.g. EURUSD.a), you should update names in the Symbol parameter.
  • Work Best on EURNZD, EURAUD, AUDNZD, and NZDCAD (Work on any currency pair)
  • Work Only on M5.
  • MT4 cannot perform multi-currency backtests, So when you backtest this EA, you only get the result of the only pair you tested.
  • This Reversion Trading EA should work on VPS continuously to reach stable results. So we recommend running this MT4 EA Download on a reliable VPS (Reliable and Trusted FOREX VPS – FXVM)
  • Low Spread, Slippage, and quick execution account is Recommended, especially during rollover time (Find the Perfect Broker For You Here)

No Minimum Deposit

ECN Acount

No Commission

Min Deposit of 20$
Allow USA Traders
Levergae up to 1:500



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