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Raff Channel Forex Indicator for MT4 Download

A useful instrument that makes the job of a forex trader much easier is the raff channel indicator. Regression is the best tool for showing bullish and bearish patterns in forex trading.

What is Raff Channel?

The Raff Channel forex indicator for MT4 is constructed using first-order linear regression and the midline. The upper and lower lines depict the greatest separation between the regression line and the axis line.

As a result, the indicator’s upper and lower lines can be used as indicators for chart resistance and support. Therefore, a setback is allowed if the chart price moves outside of or through the indication channel lines. In order to decide whether to buy or sell, channel extremes (trend lines) are the finest entry locations. However, a persistent break through of the indicator’s channel lines denotes a trend reversal in the currency market.


The Raff Channel chart’s rising chart prices show that the trend is upward. On the other hand, a downtrend is indicated by chart prices that are declining. In an uptrend, a chart price dip below the linear regression line is seen as a long setup.

When there is a downtrend, you should seek for short entry setups around the top of the indicator channel and buy entry to cover at the bottom. When the price breaks below the channel extension, an upward trend on a chart reverses. When the chart price breaks above the Raff Channel forex indicator’s channel extension, a downtrend also reverses at the same time.

MT4 Trading Signal Using Raff Channel forex Indicator:

The accompanying EURUSD H4 MT4 chart shows the Ralf Channel forex indicator. The top channel line is shown in BLUE on the forex indicator, the middle line is shown in RED, and the bottom line is shown in PINK.

The RED color line shows the overall trend, while the BLUE color line shows the channel’s limits or extremes. A bullish market trend is shown by the RED color line ascending; a bearish trend is indicated by the line lowering.

Bullish trend:

Forex traders can BUY at the PINK color line with a stop loss at the previous swing low when the market is trending upward. They are simultaneously seeking for a profitable exit on the opposite chart channel line.

Bearish Trend:

The BLUE color line is the ideal place to enter a SELL trade during a BEARISH market. Trades can be stopped out at the lower channel line or at a previous swing high on the chart.

Multi-frame trading approach:

The indicator produces the greatest outcomes when using a multi-frame forex trading strategy. As a result, forex traders can use top-down trading techniques and the forex indicators on various charts. Typically, the trend direction in a lower timeframe corresponds to the bullish or bearish trend in a higher timeframe.

Raff Channel Repainting Behavior:

The Raff Channel indicator is a dynamic indicator, just like all other regression channels. As a result, the channel has been adjusted to the selected time frame. The repainting behavior can be seen by moving the mouse backwards on the MT4 chart.

Signals from multiple forex indicators:

On the above EURUSD H4 chart, there are two forex indicators: one with higher bars and the other with default values. In forex, traders can use the greater number of bars to assess the direction of the market before using the fewer bars on the chart to identify the best entry points.

No Minimum Deposit

ECN Acount

No Commission

Min Deposit of 20$
Allow USA Traders
Levergae up to 1:500


The trend-trading forex indicator for MT4 Raff Channel operates separately from the trading platform. This makes it difficult to find a deal that is both profitable and efficient.

For best results, forex traders should use additional forex indicators in combination with BEARISH or BULLISH trends that have been validated using higher time frames.



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